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Cedar Veterinary Group in Ringwood

Ringwood : Vets

Cedar Veterinary Group



An RCVS Approved Hospital

For all the care & attention your

pet could need.

24 Hour Emergency Servcice



We provide small animal veterinary services in Hampshire and Dorset, Ringwood, Verwood and Ferndown.


Located on the border of Hampshire and Dorset, the part of the practice that deals with pets and small animals works from three sites - our main Hospital in Ringwood  and our two well-equipped surgeries in Verwood and Ferndown.


The Ringwood hospital is where we see pets from the local area and carry out more complicated operations and procedures. Members of our staff work all hours of the day and night to look after any pets that need to stay with us.

The Verwood and Ferndown clinics both carry out smaller surgical procedures, but are mainly involved in seeing local pets for consultations and health checks.

Clinics At:

69 Christchurch Road
Hampshire BH24 1DH

Phone: 01425 473683
Fax:     01425 483723



17 Ringwood Road
Dorset BH31 7AA

Phone: 01202 825217
Fax:    01202 820794



81 Victoria Road
Dorset BH22 9HU

Phone: 01202 861622
Fax:    01202 874563



Canine Care Centre

Phone: 01425 480721





If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.


We look forward to hearing from you.


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Cedar Veterinary Group
69 Christchurch Road  
BH24 1DH  

Tel: 01425 473683  

Cedar Veterinary Group

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